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Kafie 1901 Cigars

Welcome to our page. Our factory located in Danli, Honduras is permanently closed (as of November, 2021.  We have moved all manufacturing to the Dominican Republic. We produce all our cigars at La Aurora Cigars Factory. 


Please take the time to visit each submenu to see the variety of cigars we manufacture. We take great pride in producing our own boxes, our own cellophane, as well as our own cigars.  This year we will begin growing tobacco in Honduras, as well as buying tobacco directly from farmers in Nicaragua.  The goal is to be able to cure and ferment our own tobacco as well.   

One aspect of cigar making that we enjoy is keeping the entire process completely natural and traditional.  As a family with over a 115 year history in Honduras and Central America we have high standards to maintain.  The integrity of our family name, as well as all the cigars we produce must remain intact.  We will never take any short cuts in the process.  

We are not very aggressive when it comes to marketing and advertising as we put 100% of our focus on production.  Furthermore, as a company that was created to supply brick and mortar retailers we put our retail customers first.   We do not ever want to open up more accounts than we can afford to service.  Our retailers and customers alike are # 1, and we aim to keep it that way. 

Thank you, 

Dr. Gaby Kafie 

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