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As a family owned company, our greatest threat at the moment are the over-reaching Federal Regulations imposed on the premium cigar industry by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our greatest advocate in the premium cigar industry is Cigar Rights of America.  Please take the time to visit their website and join.  Your small contribution will help defend your rights as a premium cigar connoisseur as well as the rights of families like ours to be able to stay in business. 

The threat is real, the FDA is treating premium cigars the same as any other tobacco product on the market.  The FDA must realize that premium cigars should be exempt from Federal Regulations on the basis that they are non-addictive, do not have high levels of nicotine, are not a health hazard, and the companies involved in producing such cigars do not target minors.  

Furthermore, premium cigars are not inhaled.  For these reasons and many more your support is needed so that our collective voice is heard. 

Please visit the link, and join Cigar Rights of America.  Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Dr. Gaby Kafie 


Kafie Trading Company, LLC

Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia.

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